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  • e-biz card 1.0

    You can easily manage business/name cards by using this software. It supports easy Recording as well as Tracking, Retrieving, Searching, and
  • Card Me

    A Java component to help you with your development. A Java component to help you with your development. Card Me is a handy groupware library
  • CE Card 1.0

    CE Card helps people record the data of business cards in computers and cell phones efficiently. It uses templates to promote the Efficiency of
  • E-Card DIY 5.92

    E-Card DIY enables you to make and send music GREETING CARDS easily and quickly using a guided operations graphical interface. We promise that you
  • Card Master 9.4.1

    Card Master is a collection of 21 different card games that provides hours of entertainment with its diverse selection of two, three, and four player
  • My Time Card 1.8.1

    Track your hours worked with My Time Card for one or many jobs. Keep a record of when you worked and export or print your data quickly for
  • Card Keeper 1.0

    A program for noting and keeping track of cards dealt in poker, single deck blackjack or other card games. Simply click on cards to mark them as
  • Contact Card 1.10

    Contact Card gives you an easy way to keep all of your contacts in one place. Whether your contacts are business, friends, or family, you can keep
  • SF-Business Card 11.00

    SF Buisiness Card is a business card design environment. Its specialized interface is adorned with multiple rendering, coloring, and formatting
  • Sim Card SMS Retrieval

    Mobile phone simcard erased contact numbers contact names undelete software recovers deleted sent items, inbox, outbox, draft, text message. Restore
  • Sim Card Undelete

    Sim card data recovery software is a read only and non destructive tool that recovers all deleted and formatted phonebook entries, inbox, outbox, sent
  • Undelete SD Card 2.4

    Undelete SD card guarantees safety of your photos and videos. Modern digital cameras and Flash Cards allow rewriting photo and video files many times
  • 35 CARD SOLITAIRE 1.02

    A delightful solitaire requiring more skill than may at first appear. The object is to eliminate all 35 cards from the initial card layout. Play
  • SIM Card Seizure 1.0.2468

    SIM Card Seizure uses a SIM card reader to recover SIM card data including deleted text messages. Find out if they're cheating on you. See who your
  • USB Sim Card Backup

    How to recover all erased or deleted inbox, outbox, draft and sent items messages with date and time, contact number and phone book directory from
  • 4-Card-Keno 4.0

    Four Card Keno enables you to play four cards at the same time, using the same random numbers for each card. Features incude Autoplay, Advanced
  • Five Card Deluxe 1.0

    If you like solitaire or poker then you'll love Five Card Deluxe! Place cards from the deck onto the table to form poker hands and score points.
  • Card Reader 1.09

    Card Reader allows to use Palm-powered handhelds as an ordinary USB or Bluetooth card reader for quick and easy file exchange. It has the unique
  • Card Control 1.0

    Card Control is a tiny, portable application for counting cards while playing card games in MS-Windows. Just click the card, so you can see which
  • Card 2000 3.0

    Microsoft Cardfile with more features, power and capability. Easily store, organize and retrieve personal information in an index card style. A
  • Card Design

    Card design is proficient and powerful application to create and design professional and good looking business cards through standalone computer
  • Card Recovery

    Professional memory card information retrieval application is powerful and advance software which offers restoration of all information that are
  • Creating Card

    Company offers business card designing and printing software that provides you full functionality to create standard and professional looking business
  • Design ID Card

    Design ID card software is flexible tool to create excellent quality and industry standards identification cards in variety of colors. Superior ID
  • Flash Card 1.08

    The Flash Card application was developed to be the perfect program for helping you, or your child memorize facts, figures, math problems, anything.
  • Greetings Card Designs

    Greetings Card Designs tool provides highly interactive printing capabilities and supported designing tools that enables user to create colorful,
  • ID Card Application

    Company provides ID card creator application to generate high resolution and perfect quality identity cards and labels with feature to specify
  • ID Card Creator

    ID card utility designing software is structured with proficient methods to generate colorful and printable ID cards in minimal time and affordable
  • ID Card Designer

    As in every small or large business organization, identification of employees is necessary before performing any task and it is a daily routine for
  • ID Card Designing

    Company offers proficient ID card designing software utility that easily creates organization employee identification label tag consisting absolute
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  • Network:True Mobile 1150 Series Mini-PCI Card Driv

    This driver release supports the following devices: I-GATE 11M PC card Dell TrueMobile 1150 Series card Dell TrueMobile 1150 Series Mini PCI card IBM High Rate Wireless LAN PC card IBM High Rate Wireless LAN Mini PCI
  • SIM Card Seizure 1.0.2468

    SIM card Seizure uses a SIM card reader to recover SIM card data including deleted text messages. Find out if they're cheating on you. See who your kids are texting. Simply put the SIM card in the included reader,
  • SwiftTec Card Designer

    SwiftTec card Designer is a module that allows you view saved reports.With this utility you can create cards like:Member card,Pass card,Custom card.It has an easy to use and friendly interface that facilitates your
  • xD Picture Card Recovery

    An XD card is a digital camera memory card developed by Fuji Film, Olympus and Toshiba. Compared with other memory card types, it has a more compact size. As other memory cards, it has various capacities from 16 MB to 8
  • Credit Card Number Validator 1.1

    Credit card Number Validator is a free utility to help you check validity of a credit or debit card number. Credit card Number Validator verifies credit or debit card numbers right on your PC without going on-line or
  • FreedomCardz 1.1

    Freedomcardz is a simple gift card & gift certificate management program... perfect for any business that wishes to take gift cards without the traditionally associated expenses.Main features:- Print receipts to a local
  • mss.card ServiceTool 1.02

    Mss.card is a new product from the authors and the producers of famous MSS Box II. Built on the latest technologies, mss.card brings you the ultimate service tool. Mss.card is a multiplatform product, which means it can
  • Card Collection Wizard 1.01

    card Collection Wizard is a personal card collection database. Use it to record and track your card collection as it grows. Keep a list of all of your rare cards and collectable cards in the program and track the
  • blackjack cards counting 1.0

    Blackjack card counting software predict HIT or STAND at blackjack using few card counting systems. When user notice card on table he will press -take card button- and software will remove card from database and
  • SIM Card SMS Recovery Software

    GSM SIM card SMS recovery utility display lost ICC-ID (Integrated Circuit card identification number), IMSI number of SIM card with service provider name (SPN) and Service Dialing Numbers (SDN). Blocked sim card data
  • Memory Card Recovery Robot 1.1

    Memory card Recovery Robot is amazing memory card recovery software that allows you to recover your images, Audio, Music, Video or raw files from SD card, SDHC card, microSD card, MMC card, xD Picture card, miniSD card,
  • Winner Card Game 1.02

    Winner card Game 1.02 is quickly becoming one of the most popular card games in the world. Winner card Game played with 4 players and a standard 52 card deck. By playing poker-like plays (straights, straight flush, full
  • Biz Card Maker 1.1

    Biz card Maker 1.1 offers a powerful program that is used to develop professional business cards with minimal effort. Biz card Maker comes packaged with many templates to simplify the process of creating a business card.
  • Credit Card Manager 3.07.40

    Credit card Manager helps you manage your finances by keeping up with your credit card purchases and payments. By keeping track of your transactions, you will know if any unauthorized charges have been made to your
  • 4-Card-Keno 4.0

    Four card Keno enables you to play four cards at the same time, using the same random numbers for each card. Features incude Autoplay, Advanced card Marking Features, Sound, speed controls, Save/Load Game, Active
  • Sony Memory Stick Files Recovery Tool

    Sony Memory Stick Files Recovery Tool is powerful tool to recover the card files. No need to worry about the lost data in memory card corruption or accidental crash. This tool can recover the data for you. You can save
  • RSBY Verifier 1.0

    RSBY Verifier is a software which handles card verification.Insert the VA card into appropriate reader. Click Connect VA card after connection the button will disable. Similarly insert RSBY card to another reader and
  • Kingston Memory Card Recovery Tool

    Kingston memory card data recovery tool is an excellent utility that enables you to retrieve all data files stored in memory card which are erased due to malicious format, human error, media corruption, virus attack,
  • CollageFactory 1.8

    CollageFactory Pro is a powerful combination of photo collage maker and greeting card creator. With CollageFactory, you can make photo collage and holiday e-greeting card effortlessly. As a blend of mac photo collage
  • Credit Card Verifier 1.0

    Credit card Verifier enables you instantly check all major credit cards number for validity without submitting the card number online. Credit card Verifier can validate any VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, Carte Blanche,
  • Speed Card 1.0

    Try to get rid of all your cards before the computer does. Drag one card at a time from your hand at the bottom of the screen to one of the two discard piles in the middle of the screen. The value of the card you drag
  • Id Cards 1.0.45

    ID cards is used to make ID cards in three different formats, business ID card or PVC2, ID card made on double side, and Parent or Kid ID card. After making the ID card it can be printed on any printer or to an 8x10 jpg
  • Dino Cards 1.0

    Windows card games for ages 5-9. Play new card games with Derik the Dinosaur, Rex the Tyrannosaurus, and Della Rex. This edition has two games; Registered edition has five easy-to-learn card games. Change the card backs
  • Guru Utility

    This is the simpler of the two methods but does require an external SD Flash Memory card and the ability to copy files to the SD card via a built in SD Flash slot in your computer or an external Flash Memory card reader.
  • Windows Smart Card 1.00

    The Windows Smart card from Zash Electronics lets you handle your applications by sorting them into classified categories as cardS. You Zash between the layers of the Windows Smart card and launch your most frequently
  • Casino War 1.0

    The card game War has been adapted to be a casino table game where the card values follow draw poker card values. Essentially the highest card value wins. In the case of a tie, the player may choose to go to war and a
  • MyPlayCity Solitaire 2.1

    Combine all the cards from the deck on the right into only two face-up piles. Raise your rank by completing games one by one. Click on the face-down deck on the right to flip card over. Dealt cards can be combined either
  • SIM Card Retrieval

    Now you can easily recover the lost data of SIM card by using handy software utility SIM card data recovery. Its major features are it is very easy to use program; it is capable of retrieving accidently deleted SIM card
  • Credit Card Math 10th Anniversary Edition 3.0

    A free program chock full of advice. Learn how to avoid credit card debt. Goes behind the scenes to reveal the true hidden costs associated with credit card debt. Shows you how to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars
  • Card Control 1.0

    card Control is a tiny, portable application for counting cards while playing card games in MS-Windows. Just click the card, so you can see which cards have been played. know what cards are still in play - No more